Personal Back-office
Your Start Up

Each partner have the opportunity to become part of the Company's BeGold StartUP project - this is an incredible opportunity to realize your dream, to realize your ideas and projects. We are ready to invest in a variety of lines of business: network business, internet projects, commodity production, interesting innovative projects and creative ideas. The main criteria for selection - is the financial benefit of the project, its cost and payback period.

What you need to consider the draft:

  • Business plan of the project completed for a given sample, if you already have a business plan, make sure that it considered all the items on the sample.

  • Fill in the form, which will display financial settlements with your business plan. In the form of financial model calculated for the first year by month and development for the next five years.

  • Write your contact information, name, address, occupation page in the social. networks.

  • Any additional material that you feel bound to consider.

By agreeing to cooperate with us, you agree to provide only accurate and reliable information, in turn We are committed to not disclose any information you provide, until a positive decision on cooperation and the launch of the project.