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About the Company
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BeGold Limited - an international investment company, whose main task is to provide investment services in the countries of the European Union and the CIS. Today BeGold Limited provides investment in the following activities:

  • SME of EU and CIS countries

  • Integrated Financial Services

  • Production and Energy

  • Trading on the stock markets

  • Start-Up Projects



The mission of BeGold Limited Company is an effective and safe investments in a variety of projects with no risk for the investor. In our work we prefer to invest in companies with differentiated competitive position, which guarantees the investor receiving the income. With a team of highly qualified professionals, we examine the characteristics of each company`s business in details, then draw up a business plan and recommend it to company management as the most profitable investment project.

Our key competence

Implementing investment activities at the international level, we not only provide services to customers in accordance with European standards, but we find the most successful investment projects. Thus, we contribute to the development of SMEs in the countries of the European Union in the CIS. In our activity we focus on the end result, using an individual approach and providing several ways of successful investment deposits. Apart from exciting and viable projects for investment, each investor receives a number of benefits and premiums of their activities, as well as rapid career growth. We are interested in career growth of each of our partner, thats why company «BeGold Limited» provides the investor with everything necessary for a true contribution to business without risk.

Today, BeGold Limited Company is actively implementing the most complex and largest projects to invest in the business of European countries and CIS countries. Years of experience and use Client Manager strategy allows us to implement an investment project of any complexity.

To date, the strategic development of the company BeGold implemented in England, Ukraine and Poland. During the year we plan to open additional offices in cities such as Manchester, Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Lviv, Kharkiv and Kyiv. Today, company is headquartered in London, where a team of top economists, marketers, and managers. In order to provide investment services of high quality, our experts exchange practical experience and knowledge every day and also train, to improve skill levels.

The main objective of BeGold - is to become a reliable partner and provide excellent end results for each investor.

BeGold today
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Today, the international investment company BeGold is the best choice to improve your welfare and rapid progress on the career ladder. Everyone can choose for themselves the best investment package and get transceivers profits and bonuses.

Immediately after registration you can choose the best investment rate and a reasonable amount of investment. The main mission of the company - is a rapid development of small and medium businesses in the EU and the CIS, and thus - provide stable monthly income for each investor. We essentially do not invest in the risky business. The main objects of the investment policy of our company is different production, trading activity on stock exchanges, as well as innovative information technologies.

Today BeGold - is stable and time-tested European-level business and profitable investment in the business, making the economy of any country growing up. Besides, we provide motivated career growth and expanding state officially arranged staff.

Development of the company

International company «BeGold» swiftly implements the investment strategy of the EU countries and the CIS. A significant geographical expansion of our company is planned on 2017 year. Diversification of corporate interests is realized through active investment in information technology, manufacturing as well as trading activity in the stock market. Since 2016 we have started actively working with employers to create a large and well-organized network company that is focused on active investment sales packages.

The main task BeGold Limited is the development of investment business in every country of the European Union and the CIS, and a presence in the segment developing MLM corporations. The strategy of investment business focused on the growth of annual investment income to 500 million dollars. Already in 2017 we plan to reach a new level and to invite world leaders MLM organizations and their partners.

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Why BeGold

Today, global international company BeGold Limited offers everyone improve their welfare and become a profitable business investor

What are the advantages of cooperation with the international company BeGold Limited:
  • Net income per month is - 9,6-13,3%;

  • Net annual income is more than 173% per year;

  • Participation in trainings, seminars and corporate events;

  • The opening of the office or official representative in every city;

  • Investing in StartUp projects up to $ 100,000;

  • Convenient 8-level affiliate program;

  • The full legality of work;

  • Preparation of the official legal agreement with each investor.

Why making money with the company BeGold Limited is so profitable and reliably for our partners:
  • The company BeGold Limited is officially registered in London (England);

  • The company is active in every country where there is a team of investors, as well as opening subsidiaries worldwide;

  • Every investor has a contract with stamp;

  • Our company invests money of each investor exclusively in reliable and cost-effective projects;

  • Money of investors are immune from changes in the national currency in the country of the depositor;

  • Our company pays compensation for each invited investor.